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Natural remedy for yeast infection


The root cause of vaginal candidiasis, which is a vaginal yeast infection, is the overgrowth of a fungus, known as Candida Albicans. Although it lives in the vagina of a woman naturally, when it grows in excess, it may cause inflammation, irritation, itching, throbbing and whitish discharge in her vagina. Almost every woman will get the infection at some point in her life at least once.

Chronic yeast infections are annoying and ultimately affect not only the everyday well-being and comfort, it also affects a woman’s sex life and ultimately her confidence. Antibiotics and conventional medication send women down a rabbit hole of a vicious cycle as the antibiotics further off set the natural pH balance and weaken the natural the body’s immune system of the intimate flora. 

Diet plays a great role in maintaining an alkaline state in the body, to maintain a well functioning immune system and to prevent the overgrowth of candida in the body. To eat predominantly green vegetables abstain from soft-drinks and drink a lot of water helps to minims the acidity in the body. However despite a sugar free diet some people still experience chronic candida infections while people with a healthy microflora remain unaffected when consuming sugar.

A healthy microflora and a balanced pH protects the vagina from bacteria even when using public toilets and swimming pools. However an imbalanced microflora is prone to get infected by anything that throws it off balance such as sexual intercourse, spermicides coating on condoms, tampons, candida bacteria occurring in public swimming pools and public toilets or simply stress that weakens the immune system. If you are experiencing these symptoms repeatedly, you should consider using Secret Ceres as a natural vaginal yeast infection treatment and say good-bye to Yeast infections and bacterial imbalances once and for all. Women using Secret Ceres no longer experience any of these unpleasant symptoms.


What exactly is Secret Ceres?

Secret Ceres is an exceptional product that makes the skin of the vagina tighter and softer by nourishing it with selected minerals and herbal extracts. At the same time, the product stimulates the individual cleansing system of the body of a woman and the renewal of skin tissue in a natural way.

The major notable feature of Secret Ceres is that it will not only allow you to overcome many distressing vaginal symptoms but also cleanse, revitalize and tighten your vulva. 

Secret Ceres improves the overall well-being of your intimate area and protects it from yeast infections permanently.

Secret Ceres is also an effective preventive tool for HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and can improve the condition of women who are infected by the virus. 


How does Secret Ceres work?

Secret Ceres nurtures our most sensitive area with a combination of herbal extracts and minerals to support the reproductive organ’s own regenerative system and help you to maintain a balanced vaginal pH. The synergetic interaction of herbal extracts, minerals and crystals contained in Secret Ceres help have benefited women for thousands of years.

The vagina and vulva is lined with a mucous skin which regenerates every 24 hours, unlike the skin on the rest of our body which regenerates approximately every 27 days. In the same manner that we brush our teeth on a regular basis, cleanse our mouth and gums, wash and condition our hair or scrub the skin on our body to support the body’s own regenerative functions and cleansing mechanism, Secret Ceres is an ancient holistic beauty secret that caters to a woman’s intimate area. A perfectly clean, balanced, tight and delicious intimate area is not attained by ignoring it or introducing the wrong products into this sensitive micro-fora. The vagina reacts to neglect or wrong products just like our hair , skin or nails do when coming into contact with the wrong chemicals or when being neglected. Secret Ceres deeply cleanses the vagina of women in a completely natural manner, while softening and tightening the vulva. Just like clay mask purifies your facial skin and alleviates dead skin cells, after using Secret Ceres the dead callus in your vagina will naturally shed. Removing the dead callus Fromm your vagina, helps you to maintain a clean and balanced micro-flora, as you are eliminating the dead skin that can harbor unwanted bacteria. In a similar manner that you get a pedicure to remove the callus under your feet, to make sure your feet are soft, clean and produce no unpleasant odor when bacteria begin to foster inside your dead callus, Secret Ceres is the ultimate spa treatment for your vagina. Secret Ceres leaves your vulva soft, supple, cleansed and delicious. After the first application your vagina will noticeably smell and taste delicious. 


What happens if I use Secret Ceres while experiencing a yeast infection?


When suffering of an acute yeast infection or a history of vaginal infections it is almost certain that the allocation of Secret Ceres will feel unpleasant, as a burning sensation can be felt. This burning sensation indicates that the intimate flora is imbalanced and the mucous skin in the vulva is affected. The intensity of the burning sensation depends on the extent of the bacterial imbalance. Chronic infections usually affect the mucous skin in a manner that needs restoring on a deeper level. But even one-off bacterial infections can damage the mucous skin to an extend whereby it needs to regenerate the deeper and outer epithelial layers. This process is uncomfortable when a bacterial imbalance has affected the mucous skin in the vulva, as the affected skin layers need to shed off before new healthy tissue can form.

Therefore women experience a burning sensation when inserting Secret Ceres into the vulva and it comes in contact with affected mucous skin.

The burning sensation can bee mild to very strong, depending on the extent to which the mucous skin is affected. The burning sensation can last from minutes to a few hours, while the tissue is regenerating. 

After 24 hours the old skin will begin to  shed off inside your vulva and it is very important that you use a lot of water while inserting your finger to thoroughly wash out any of the old skin that has shed from your vagina. The tissue is dead now and must be washed out in order to avoid being excreted in the form of discharge. You want to wash your vagina with water inside on a daily basis to avoid any build up fo dead skin cells and discharge. The vulva must be kept clean at all times and as much care and dedication as you attribute to oral hygiene, should be attributed to it as both vagina and mouth are lined with a mucous skin, where bacteria can foster.

Once the dead skin cells have shed and you have washed out all residues from the inside of your vagina, the flora will begin to regenerate and new healthy tissue will begin to form.

After 4 days you can repeat the process and you will notice that the burning sensation has decreased. It will eventually disappear once your micro-flora has been regenerated and your pH is re-balanced (approximately after 2-3 applications). It is recommended to use Secret Ceres 1-2 times per week if an imbalance occurs and once a week to maintain proper vaginal hygiene and a well balanced pH level in your intimate flora. 

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