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 Manuela Siebertz, 55
Global Customer Service Manager  

Share Your Questions And Concerns With Me

Hello, My name is Manuela Siebertz. I am the Global Customer Service Manager for Secret Ceres. I am here to help you if you have any questions or concerns about Secret Ceres. Please feel free to contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Me' button below.

My Background & Experience 

I worked as an assistant to the senior obstetrician at the Charité in Berlin, Germany - Europe's largest University clinic. My areas of experience also include perinatal medicine, gynaecology, oncology and infectious disease ambulance. During my years as a medical professional, I gained an extensive understanding of the female body and realized that a woman’s being extends beyond her physical body. Today I combine my background in psychology and as a nutritionist with my medical experience and the knowledge I gained as Fascia-Yoga trainer, to assess the body from a holistic perspective. I speak German, English, French and Spanish.

My Role 

I am here to help women gain an understanding of their ‘Yoniverse’ in order to make holistic choices when it comes to living a balanced life.

My Personal Experience With Secret Ceres

My personal experience with Secret Ceres complemented my personal journey as a woman. When i used Secret Ceres for the first time I did not experience any conventional issues but felt urged ...

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