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The SOURCE OF LIFE protective face mask is designed to fit to perfection for optimum protection. It comes in 2 sizes: Standard and Large (see below for size guide). It fits comfortably over your mouth and nose. The  black & golden material  is woven from a natural  Rayon fabric,  lined with cotton and non-woven fibrous material, for a 3 layered protection from solid and liquid aerosols. The sleeve allows you to add a disposable filter if you like (sold separately). The fabric and finishing is of high quality for optimum fit, comfort and style.


This Yoni flower pattern depicts the BLOOMING  SOURCE OF LIFE - blossoming into the everlasting garden of A'Aru. The pattern symbolizes the blossoming of the divine feminine. It serves as a reminder that we flourish now more than ever, growing out the times during which we were silenced, pushed into submission and limitation....for ceturies...... out of opression we are flourishing  into our greatest glory, beauty and capacity.


This mask serves as a reminder that in times like these, we reMEMBER our feminine power, that is rising from our roots to our crowns - a power that is wise - a power that operates without words - a power that has been forged through the fire and is burning in each of us, a power that is louder than words and stronger than all it has overcome and the obstaclesit faces - a power that is larger than life, because it creates life.


Our time is now. #BLOSSOMfromWITHIN


*The Yoni Flower pattern was hand drawn by Mallence during her journey across South East Asia (Nepal, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand) and Europe. The pattern captures the essence of creation in the places in which it came to life and was drawn. This essence is filled with the divine feminine energy of all the women that she encountered on her journey, the women that fed her foods of their soil and wisdom from the gardens of their minds and cultures and shared with her the collective experience of being a WOMAN.


20% of the proceeds from the sale of the SOURCE OF LIFE mask supports the COCO BERTHMANN FOUNDATION in providing scholarships to survivors of human trafficking.

For more information about the work of the Coco Berthmann Foundation transforming the lives of survivors of human trafficking, please visit

Source of Life protective face mask

SKU: SOL-8080
  • Size S : long 9.5 cm - height 11 cm,

    Size M : long 10.5 cm - height 13 cm